New Lyric Video From For The Likes Of You

Nothing has hit Aberdeen, Washington quite as hard as the newest release from melodic metalcore juggernauts For The Likes Of You, whose new EP Withered came out on June 3rd.

If you’ve listened to it in full, you may agree that the track “Bewildered”, which was released as its single, is arguably the best song on the EP. Therefore, it’s only fitting that “Bewildered” receives a lyric video to go along with it. The song combines driving, in-your-face metalcore and unforgiving, Acacia Strain-inspired deathcore riffage with their warm, nostalgically beautiful and uplifting melody to create a uniquely varied, seemingly conflicting but ultimately refreshing sound.

Check it out below!

Things have been picking up for the band, which consists of Austin Dickey on rough vocals, Jestin Peterson and Zack Holtzer on guitar, Ryne Olson playing bass and covering cleans, and Devin Kite on drums.

Other than the release of their EP, For The Likes Of You is scheduled to play in Washington this summer with some reputable names in the metal scene, including Bodysnatchers and Misery Signals. With opportunity offers like that coming their way, don’t be surprised to see them all the way out here in the East soon enough.

Withered Tracklist:
1.    Discretion
2.    Villains & Victims (feat. Zesty Sams)
3.    Ghost Pains
4.    Bewildered
5.    Hope(less)

Withered, which came out on June 3rd, is in and of itself an astounding effort, one which is very conscious and calculated about its use of melody and the extents of heaviness the band is willing to reach into in order to create something special. The band has a heavy Betraying The Martyrs vibe due to their astounding vocalist Austin Dickey’s penchant for unforgivingly heavy vocal delivery, which delves down to the nastiest of gutturals, that works seamlessly into the melodic metalcore writing. “Bewilderment” may be the best track off the EP, but readers are strongly advised to check out the rest of the album, which is available for purchase right here.

For The Likes Of You are nothing to be messed with, and listeners are strongly encouraged to follow these boys on Facebook and Twitter to make sure they don’t miss a single shred of up-to-date info.

With all hopes high, we may be able to catch them if they come through the Philly area. Until then we’ll keep dreaming, so as always, stay tuned for more!

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