Brand New Music Video From Taylor Colson

Beaming from the “sunshine state,” South Florida pop-artist, Taylor Colson, widely respected for her impressive vocal range and ability to recreate current Top 40 hits into her own masterpieces, exclusively releases her new music video, “You Want It” with Paste Magazine. 

The basic composition of the tune most reflects “Jealous” by Nick Jonas who is one of the many artists she covered. Other artists include but are not limited to Demi Lavato, BEBE Rexha, Justin Bieber, and Meghan Trainor. Her cover videos have become a sensation on Youtube, accumulating upward of half a million views and securing her a solid online presence and fan base. In addition, the videos had landed her recognition from MTV and features in popular retail stores such as Steve Madden, and Justice worldwide. 

“You Want It” is a song from her forthcoming EP and was a personal track written after she had a fight with her boyfriend and is about the desire of wanting to feel secure in a relationship. The EP it itself is  merely an audible, chronological tale of the first time she fell in love. She explains: 
I think getting into a relationship for anyone is a scary thing no matter how right it may feel. The EP is a representation of fully giving yourself to someone but letting them know very clearly not to hurt you or play games. 

Colson worked with a team of people at a company based in South Florida, Afflux studios to produce both the song and video  [Song- Producer: Arcaeus, Engineer: Bryan James, Mix & Mastered: Bryan James, Written By: Bryan James, Erik Chokanis, Taylor Colson, Video- Director & Editor: Bobby Keegan].

Mix-and-mash artist, Taylor Colson constructed her own organic sound from the pop music that she covered in the beginning of the career. Her first performance was at the age of 5 in front of a crowd of 500. For many, performing anything in front of a group as small as ten people would push sweat through their palms, but the young prodigy put on a show like a well-established professional. Making herself comfortable and familiar with the stage at an early age enabled her to pursue her career full time at the age of 15. Five years later at 20 years old, she now prepares to release her original debut EP. 

Catch Taylor Colson opening for B.O.B on June 25th in South Florida at The Hangar. For tickets and more information, visit her website.

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