TK The Architect Reveals New Album

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On April 29, 2016, New York, lyricist and multi-instrumentalist TK The Architect celebrates his first and independently released alternative hip-hop & R&B album, Blue Season, with a show at Bar Matchless alongside Feather+Eyes, Hunter and Wolfe, and Light Craft and accompanied by his supporting band, The Get Back Kids. 

The LP fluidly fuses the cacophonous delivery of TK The Architect’s rap verses with under-toning smooth symphonic soulful grooves and live instrumentation, primarily played by himself.  It is also a direct reflection of himself, mirroring his upbringing, music history, and surroundings. Growing up in a bilingual home in New York, TK (born Zach Takayuki Zanghi) was raised by his Japanese mother and Italian father. This mixture of cultures became an essential aspect of his identity and his ability to bridge words was crucial to the development of some of his lyrics. His musical background also played a significant role in both the creation of Blue Season and in the development of himself as an artist. He’s been an instrumentalist since the age of nine and has toured as a guitar tech/stage manage where he adopted the name TK, an abbreviation of his middle name. 

Blue Season does not encompass all of his productivity, though. After touring, he earned a dual degree while releasing several DIY projects, his most recent being Life in Stereo. He’s also founded CON TEMPLATE, a collective of artists, musicians, and other creatives. He advocates for youth talent in his neighborhood by arranging and booking festivals for them in the local community. 

Blue Season not only depicts TK’s full range or work ethic and artistic capability, it also reflects the most common human experiences by communicating his experiences through quality lyrics and reverberations. 

Track List
1.  Blue (Intro)
2. Result of the Fire
3. Shore Somewhere (Interlude) 
4. Water
5. Wait Up Slow Down
6. OGOGOG (Interlude)
7. Current Passing
8. Peace of Mind
9. If You Can
10. Blue (Reprise)

“I genuinely feel that no one could have made this record but me,” TK says, “This is the first time I found a way to connect everything I do, as a musician/producer and as an MC.”

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