Better Things Are Built By Legos Release Music Video

Alt-punk band, Better Things Are Built By Legos, have released a playful music video for their newest single, “Stick That In Your Juicebox and Sip It.” 

Better Things Are Built By Legos formed in early 2014 and consist of Brian LaClair and Brad Yandow on vocals and guitar, with Mark Weber on drums, and bassist Quintin Cardinal joined with the band in late 2014. 

The new song plays with the ongoing theme that the band pushes; keep moving forward, never lose hope, make yourself better. 

The lyrics, however important and heavy, are juxtaposed with a lighter tone in the video. LEGO figurine interpretations of the band members are waved around on charming sticks and placed into funny situations. 

Drummer Mark Weber says that "the meaning of the song changed from the beginning. Originally I wrote it as a way to get past some of my personal fears, but as I went through a tough situation in a relationship and it got applied to that song. Just because lyrically it’s somewhat open-ended and you can apply it to whatever bad thing is happening to you and use it. Honestly, any progress you make, any positive thing that happens, any little thing that makes you happy… you can use that as a means to move beyond whatever problem you’re facing." 

Check out the video below!

“Stick That In Your Juciebox and Sip It” is also available on Bandcamp for purchase! 

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