One Gone Thus Premiers New Video

LA two-piece One Gone Thus, who play an exhilarating brand of experimental electronic post-hardcore, have put out a new lyric video for their song “Self & Soul!"

A self-proclaimed “studio project,” consisting of guitarist/vocalist/programmer Ryan Sabouhi and guitarist/vocalist Greg Eagle, the band aims through their lyrics to address the message that “all things are impermanent and subject to change”.

Check it out below!

The video comes at the heels of the announcement of their upcoming EP, aptly titled Impermanence, which comes out on June 3rd. It will be available for free on their Bandcamp, which currently holds a 75-cent single called “Porcelain."

Of the EP, Eagle exclaims that it is “comprehensively DIY and we are both extremely proud with what we have made and accomplished thus far. We care about the message that we send because it carries with it an immense weight and responsibility and though it’s obviously meaningful to us, we hope that others will be able to find meaning in it as well.”

Here at The Hook, we're looking forward to hearing what One Gone Thus has in store! The band hopes to bridge a gap between commercial accessibility and creative experimentation as they move forward. The band will strive to create a new and meaningful experience for their listeners, as they value their ability to impress unique ideas upon their captive audience, and they're just getting warmed up.

Check out the band’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to keep up with the latest One Gone Thus news and follow them on Soundcloud to hear more of their music as it comes out. Stay tuned!