Nevruary Releases Sophomore Album

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Nevruary, a Pop-Rock group from Los Angeles, has released their second album, Noegenesis

Since 2013, Nevruary has been delivering stadium style anthems with a relaxed pop rock groove. The first single of their new record was released on April 29th, and you can check it out below along with a stream for the rest of the album! 

"The Runner" is electronic, but also acoustic, relaxed, mesmerizing, and soulful. “This is Nevruary: a band rooted in rock but not limited to the genre.”

Check out the track-list below!

unnamed (2).jpg

1. Jupiter
2. Crest Point
3. Untamed
4. The Runner
5. Alone To Lead
6. No Strings
7. Backslide
8. Steep Faith
9. Distraction
10. Under Microscope
11. In Black and White
12. Unsatisfied

All of Noegenesis is available for listening and stream! You can check back soon for an upcoming tour date announcement!

Nevruary: Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram