Love In October Releases New Album

Rocketing up from the northern mountains of Sweden, pop-rock pair Love in October releases their EP, Love in October III!

Giving the world a gem to compensate for their four years of absence. Given a limited amount of time to work, the boys proved that they work well under pressure by managing their time efficiently and pushing the boundaries of their creativity.

Vocalist and guitarist, Erik Widman states, “We decided on a limited setup a month before entering the studio where we were only going to use two guitars, two amps, and this one synth, and nothing else... and we would rely on or songwriting experience to see if we can make some magic happen.” They went into the studio with just ten fragmented concepts emerged with four produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered tunes, an entire EP within the short frame of two weeks. Bassist Kent Widman chimed in with, “We really enjoyed working in this quick and spontaneous format….I think we’ll stick to this kind of recording format in the future as it forces us to be creative on the spot and make quick decisions. It becomes more of a snapshot of where we currently are in our lives."

Though Love in October had remained silent since 2011, their sound is organic and consistent with the stellar quality of their music of the past. The digital drumming grouped with indie rock guitars and synthesizer bass lines mirrors the stylistic choices of electronic band, Eight Bit Tiger, and suggests they may have taken inspiration from them. 

The group originated in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 2006. Though members breezed in and out like a wind tunnel, the group started and ended just the Widman bothers, Kent and Erik. They currently reside in Stockholm, Sweden and Chicago, Illinois, and so far has toured both the United States and Canada, released five albums, and have magnetized enough attention to gather features from Spin magazine and Paste magazine. “Love in October III” is the third, but not the last, installment of their self-titled album series. 

Listen to “Love in October” now below!

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