Esquela Shares New Album & Single

Esquela, from Bovina, NY, is proud to announce the release of their new album, Canis Majoris, out now from Livestock Music! 

Canis Majoris is Esquela's 3rd studio album! Esquela is a five-piece country/Americana folk outfit in the style of classic 70's rock and rollers. John “Chico” Finn, the bassist and frontman, has taken pride in being able to write new spins on old classics.

"I listen to a lot of music and try to think of songs that would be unique or take a different angle. I try to come up with more than a cliché love song. Roscoe [Ambel, the album's producer] said I'm a "ripped from the headlines" type of guy. A lot of my songs are related to my real experiences," Finn elaborates on the creative process. 

They have a “making-of” video about the new album, which you can watch here!

In addition, you can peep the video for "No Questions," below!

For more on Esquela, please check out their links below!

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