Anton Josef Kellner Releases New Track

Indie-artist, Anton Josef Kellner, recently released his debut single, "Pyrrhic," on May 27th!

A musician and touring artist, Anton J. Kellner has done a lot in the music scene - but his most recent track is a new direction. One that listeners and fans should be elated for. The self-proclaimed electro-soul track is absolutely euphoric. A drippy, synthetic and vocally driven track - I was super impressed by it. You should check it out, streaming below via soundcloud!

The single utilizes Kellner's powerful voice, as well as electronic sounds and techniques to create an ambient, soulful, and quiet single that is perfect for summer - whether laying on the beach, driving home, or enjoying your night.

The Hook loves this song, and Anton J. Kellner - so seriously check him and the track out!

For more on Anton J. Kellner, or "Pyrrhic," check out the links below!

Anton J. Kellner: Facebook // Twitter