Surviving The Era Shares New Music Video

Surviving The Era has released a music video from their upcoming album, Parallax.

The music video is for “Queen of The Sea” features the band, comprised of Jake Cooley (Drums) 
Kevin Cortez (Guitar), Seth Borges (Bass/Vox/Keys), Ryan Sollom (Vocals), and Kyle Newton (Guitar) performing the single.

Give the video a watch here!

Surviving The Era formed in 2014 and hit the scene with a unique and inspired vision to energize the music scene. Since their formation, they've played over a hundred shows and festivals and have supported acts such as He Is Legend, Oleander, Stroke 9, Must be the Holy Ghost, Children 18:3, and Burn Halo. 

Seth Borges, the vocalist and bassist for Surviving the Era said: “Parallax is about perception. It describes the effect of when an object appears as if it has moved because the viewer has changed their position. Similarly, music is a personal experience for everyone, and our perception of music can change over time based on where we are in life, even though the music itself never changes. We put our hearts into every song we write, and our ultimate hope is that people can connect with it and gain new perception of these songs as they move through their journey in life.”

Parallax is set for a CD release party on June 18th at Sacramento's “First Festival.” You can order tickets here!

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