The Maytags Announce Debut Album

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Soft pop-alternative R&B/soul band, The Maytags announces their first debut album, set for distribution for July 1, 2016, Love Lines by releasing the single, “Mary Ya.” The tune take it’s listeners on a bit of a time trip. Their use smooth, synthetic strumming of an acoustic guitar accompanied by mesmerizing vocals atop a slow pulsing percussive bass and drum makes their band’s music a direct reflection of 1950’s boy bands such as Righteous Brothers, The Drifters, and The Temptations. In fact the leading reverberations in “Marry Ya” mirrors most the song “Earth Angel” by classic boy band The Penguins. 

Love Lines explores romance in a signatures, authentic way, exhibiting non-conventional angles of love. Unlike most R&B-soul music, the tunes in this album skips past the “honeymoon,” “head-over-heals” phase of relationships and takes it’s listeners to the aftermath of a break-up. Songs such as “Pushing Up Rivers” and “Suite For Greene Eyes” audibly portrays the mixed emotions of pain, acceptance, reflection, lust, and confusion. Vocalist and lyricist, Dustin Smith states, “Musically we worked our asses off on this….Me and Tim got together for the initial writing sessions and really tried to draw a lot of inspiration from the Daptone crew, Stax, Al Green. Just to name a few.”

Love Lines Track List: 
1. Pushing Up Rivers
2. Business Trip
3. Marry Ya
4. Rita
Suite For Green Eyes
5. I - Abused
6. II - Love Lines
7. III - Street Clothes
8. Call Me
9. Problems

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