Vilamoura Share "We All Die" Music Video

You know what they say: everything is bigger in Texas, and metal music is no exception.

Lately, the Lone Star state has been a hotbed for some of the heaviest-hitting new music invading the metalcore and deathcore scenes, and Pflugerville outfit Vilamoura is a perfect example of this trend.

Featuring Joshua Huber on rough vocals, Jonathan Sotomayor singing cleans, Tony Lerma and Mikah Shipman on guitar, Joshua Valdez on bass, and Jonathon Lester on drums, Vilamoura plays a crunchy combination of hard-hitting metalcore and modern pop sensibilities in the spirit of A Day To Remember, Secrets, and The Amity Affliction. The band recently released a music video for their song “We All Die”, off their EP Buried Alive which came out in September last year.

Check it out below: 

 In true Texas fashion, “We All Die” kicks things off with a furious build-up that is then released in a barrage of thick, chugging riffs and pulverizing drums, topped off by Joshua Huber’s skillfully terrorizing vocal delivery. Not a band to cop to one-trick-ponyness, Vilamoura delivers equally impressive choruses, where the song rises into an uplifting polyphony of euphoric solo guitar over headbang-worthy rhythm, and Jonathan Sotomayor’s layered cleans ring out urgently to remind listeners that you’ll lose your mind if you don’t learn from your mistakes and face reality. 

Vilamoura has been a band for little more than a year now, having formed in April 2015. With nothing but a surprisingly well-produced debut EP (mixed and mastered by Robby Joyner) under their belt music-wise, the band has played many shows in the Texas area and now has two high-quality music videos. Their first one, which came out for their song “Vindictive” in March of this year, can be viewed right here. The video was put out by Collapse Entertainment.

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