Mariya May Releases Album

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Mariya May's new album, Call Me Back If You Dig The Music, is out now for your listening pleasure! The album is an interesting blend of reggae-soul and folk rock with a touch of lo-fi sensibilities, and came out on May 17th! 

Check out her featured track, "Out Walking."

May is accompanied by her husband and collaborator, Ryan Michael Block. He provides the backing vocals and instrumentation and produced the album. The smoky and syrupy sax is provided by Peter Qualtere-Burcher. Together, this team gives a wide variety of sounds and emotions on this release.

There's no further announcements for a tour, but you can follow Mariya May on Facebook to keep track of any future plans!

Call Me Back If You Dig The Music is available now via Ten Dollar Recording Company. You can buy it here!


Here's the tracklist for Call Me Back If You Dig The Music:
1. Got To Throw It Open
2. Out Walking
3. I Remember
4. Open Up (It's Cold)
5. Like Birds In The Spring
6. From A Loft We Looked Across
7. Let It All Fall Free
8. Bells Ring
9. Deep Into The Trees
10. Just Another Let Down
11. Orange Ball Of Love
12. Repetition

For more on Mariya May and what she's up to, check out her links below!

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