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Kayo Dot has premiered the first single off of its upcoming album, Plastic House on Base of Sky on TinyMixTapes

Listen to "Magnetism" here, or below!

Plastic House on Base of Sky embraces the electronic allusions found on 2014's Coffins on Io LP. The LP incorporates a variety of analog synthesisers, creating an explosive work that fuses with the experimentalism of Conrad Schnitzler or Morton Subotnick. The group describes Plastic House on Base of Sky as an exploration of our mechanical post-human future-present.
At the core of Kayo Dot is a mood that lies on the crossroads of darkness and mystery. In film, music emoting mystery sounds almost nocturnal, relating our brains to the unknownness hiding in the absence of light. This intersection is the essence of Kayo Dot.

The man behind Kayo Dot’s curtain of sound, Toby Driver, has been fiercely productive and experimental over the last year. So much so, that the amount of risks taken with Kayo Dot’s music can outnumber what most traditional artists will attempt for an entire album. There are very eclectic collaborators on this record as well. Driver, who recorded Plastic House on Base of Sky collaborates with lyricist Jason Byron. Byron, a lifelong student of the occult, gives the listener a feast of words as elusive and satisfying as the labyrinths of sound they travel through. Whether by means of menacing guitars, ethereal woodwinds, or aggressive electronics, there's always a sense that a new door might open, that anything can be found around the corner.
Plastic House on Base of Sky will be available June 24, 2016 from The Flenser.  Pre-order the album here

Check out the tracklist below!

unnamed (3).jpg

 1.  Amalia's Theme
2.  All The Pain in All the Wide World
3.  Magnetism
4.  Rings of Earth
5.  Brittle Urchin

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