Jet Black Alley Cat Release Steamy Retro Music Video

Indie pop group Jet Black Alley Cat has released a very retro-inspired music video for their single “Roxy.” 

The music video features a narrative of a young woman caught in a spiral of the Miami nightlife, biding her time and obsessing over fun and her own image. The cinematography and editing plays well with the upbeat single and creates a memorable visual package. The video was directed by Jason Berg. 

You can watch the video right here!

“Roxy” is the fourth single from Jet Black Alley Cat since 2014. Their previous singles have received recognition and airplay. “Poison” was voted in rotation on mtvU and retail store Journey's has added “Electric Raazors” to their artist's playlist which receives play throughout the nation. 

Jet Black Alley Cat is going on tour in the next few months. Here are the tour dates if you're interested in seeing these guys!

May 21st @ Morgan Park - Street Festival, Nashville, TN
May 25th @ The Metropolitan - Annapolis, MD
May 26th @ The Otherside - Wilkes Barre, PA
May 28th @ Pianos - New York, NY
June 2nd @ The Camphouse - Chattanooga, TN
June 4rd @ The Masquerade - Atlanta, GA
June 10th @ The Prophet Bar - Dallas, TX
June 11th @ Low Brow Place - El Paso, TX
June 13th @ Rebel Lounge - Mesa, AZ
June 16th @ House of Guvera - Los Angeles, CA *
June 18th @ Billboard Live! - Salt Lake City, UT *
June 20th @ Moon Room - Denver, CO *
June 23rd @ Fubar - St. Louis, MO *
June 24th @ The HiTone - Memphis, TN *
July 1st @ Bombshells Tavern - Orlando, FL *
July 2nd @ Churchills - Miami, FL *
* = w/Sleeptalk

Check out Jet Black Alley Cat on their social media to follow along with the tour and to check up for upcoming releases!

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