Secret Arcade Shares New Music Video

Portland's Secret Arcade have released a music video for their catchy single, “Suspect.” 

Secret Arcade is the alias of Babak Govan, a fictional author. You know his work is unique given that description. The track is off his newest album, Quarter Century, which was released on April 26th. “Suspect” is a perfect encapsulation of the sound of the album, dark 80's-inspired Depeche Mode/Morrisey/The Cure pop about moody reflection, uneasiness, and of course, suspicion.  

The album was originally supposed to tackle the subjects of Govan's first 25 years but since he was working on it by himself, it took thirteen years longer than he intended. The album has been updated to discuss love and loss and all of the emotions necessary to give proper reflection on his life. 

The new music video for “Suspect” is surrounded with mystery and features a man standing in a darkened alleyway playing his keyboard. It eventually cuts to an ongoing story, depicting the man  running away from something, constantly trying to avoid a tail while looking over his shoulder. The sequence certainly goes somewhere, so you should give the video a watch to find out where!

Below is the music video for “Suspect.”

There's also a music video for “Fall for Me,” which was released late last month. You can check that out here!

You should also check out the full album release if you enjoyed the song. You can get the album, Quarter Century, on Bandcamp, iTunes, and Amazon. It's also available for streaming on Spotify!

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