Frameworks Announce New Album With Deathwish

In my opinion, Deathwish Records is currently one of the coolest labels! Bringing us acts like Code Orange, Modern Life Is War, and Ceremony are now excited to bring us a band called Frameworks! 

Frameworks just announced their sophomore album, Smother, and they also recently released a single off of the album called “Tangled," and I can tell you right now, it is so good! This is an amazing and most fitting definition for alternative rock because it takes an experimental approach to writing, while keeping emotional value in how it is delivered.  

Check it out below!

The song is about overthinking and how it can dampen the outcome of things done throughout life. Based on this song, as well as the older albums Frameworks has released, we are in for a real treat, and it makes me extremely happy to that hear another great album by a wonderful band being released on Deathwish! 

Keep an eye out for the new tunes, as it’s going to be available digitally, and physically on June 16th! If you would like to take your ears on a journey, the link to their bandcamp where you can listen to the single and pre-order the album for only 8 bucks (what a deal!!).

Frameworks: Facebook // Website