To Live As Wolves Release Music Video

New York, born and raised, To Live As Wolves just released their newest music video in support of their upcoming EP. 

Drawing inspiration from their own personal struggles and strife, as well as from their New York roots to create an aggressive, relatable and raw project. To Live As Wolves released "Stalemate," off of their upcoming EP, Breakneck Road, which comes out this Friday!

 "Stalemate" is an important track for the band seeing as they partnered with long time friend and supporter, Davey Muise of Vanna. Muise lent his vocals to the track.

In support of the release, the band has partnered with New Noise Magazine for the official release of their music video earlier in the week! Check out the video below!

For more information on To Live As Wolves, check out their plugs below!

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