Kayo Dot Announce Upcoming Album

Kayo Dot is undoubtedly experimental.

From chamber music to progressive black metal, from goth to jazz and avant-garde classical, Kayo Dot is utterly unclassifiable. Now, Kayo Dot is gearing up for the release of a new LP: Plastic House on Base of Sky, due out June 24th, 2016 from The Flenser.

On the new LP, Plastic House on Base of Sky, Kayo Dot fully embraces Coffins on Io's electronic allusions, incorporating a variety of synthesizers (many of them vintage analog) to create another work of ambition and magnitude that fuses the explosive musical imagination of a band like Magma with the forward-thinking experimentalism of Conrad Schnitzler or Morton Subotnick.

Song premieres, pre-orders and more info on Plastic House on Base of Sky coming soon fromKayo Dot and The Flenser.

Plastic House on Base of Sky Track Listing:
1.  Amalia's Theme
2.  All The Pain in All the Wide World
3.  Magnetism
4.  Rings of Earth
5.  Brittle Urchin

It is a 40 minute-long, 5-song LP that goes beyond the future-noir theme of Coffins on Io and is an innovative and biomechanical work of musical art!

For more info on Kayo Dot, check out their social media!

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