Davey Muise Joins Skate For Change

Davey Muise, the vocalist from post-hardcore band Vanna, has partnered up with charity!

He's established a new program, "Find Your Shovel" with Skate For Change (SFC), a non-profit organization that specializes in assisting the homeless. The charity gathers skaters to travel through their cities with backpacks full of food, water, and clothing!

Davey's "Find Your Shovel" brand is a collective where like-minded youth can come together and express their stories and ideas. This program seeks to offer help to young fans, communities, and students who might not have an outlet or a way to express themselves as people. The initiative comes with merchandise from Muise, with proceeds heading towards the Preble Street Teen Center in Portland, Maine.

Muise explains, "It's about giving yourself armor to walk around the halls of your school, work, or home, giving you that extra boost you need to make it through the day. My hope is that by wearing these shirts, using these accessories will spark a conversation. What's shovel? What does that mean? Why are you wearing it. You are wearing an introduction to yourself. You are now able to share what your shovel is, and be proud of what helps you thru life. It's the same reason we get tattooed or dye our hair, we are expressing who and what we are to the world."

Muise is encouraging everyone who purchases Shovel Brand gear to post on social media, sharing a little piece of what their shovel is and why. He says he'll be re-posting photos and stories on his blog, so that he can reach as many people as possible. Musie goes on to say, "Like I said it's more than clothing, it's a movement and the more people moving, the better. Be bold, be free, be you. Find your shovel and keep digging."

You can check out the information about this initiative and his new brand at his website!

Davey Muise: Website