Greaver Releases Album

Today, the Durham, North Carolina post-hardcore quintet Greaver released their debut full-length album!

The Faun was released through Cardigan Records. However, kind guys as they are, they streamed it ahead of time for your listening pleasure! It is a riveting listen front to back!

The Faun Track-List:
1. Last Breath
2. A Poisoned Well
3. Southfield
4. November Skin
5. Third Eye
6. Earth Rune
7. Moonlight, Snow
8. Grief Seeds
9. First Touch
10. Hang Up

For their debut album, Greaver- which features Michael Rozier and Micheal Townsel on guitars/vocals, Sean McNaught on guitar, Eli Wray on bass/vocals, and Travis Hall on drums/vocals- took quite the ambitious route. Throughout its ten tracks, The Faun spins a tale of a truly tragic nature.

Michael Rozier states: “The concept on ‘The Faun’ is a murder story that touches on racial turmoil. Leon is one of the album’s main characters and is the spirit that narrates the tracks ‘A Poisoned Well’ and ‘Earth Rune’. Leon’s memories act as ‘The Faun’ (much like the faun in Pan’s Labirynth), guiding every decision that Morgan (the female main character) makes.” 

Stylistically, the band incorporates the intense urgency, emotional weight, and narrative elements of new-age screamo in the vain of Touche Amore, Defeater, and Pianos Become The Teeth as well as the heaviness of first-wave acts such as Pg. 99 and Orchid. Every mysterious, ink-stained layer of their music feels as though it was crafted intentionally, contributing to the overall well-structured and consistently engaging nature of their music. 

The band also announced a line of tour dates spanning the East Coast, starting at the end of May. The band will be out with post-pop outfit and fellow NC natives Youth League. 

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Tour dates posted below!