All Your Sisters Announce Album

Photography: Olivia Lee

Photography: Olivia Lee

Weird, surprising, and undefinable darkwave band, All Your Sisters, have announced a new LP!

Uncomfortable Skin is set for release on June 8th, and All Your Sisters recently released a single from the album! "Open Wide" is an interesting track for the band to release - steeped in nostalgia, but entirely contemporary and it seamlessly shifts between genres, yielding a sound that is both brooding and catchy.  

Check out the Soundcloud stream below!

Jordan Morrison, the frontman of All Your Sisters, had a major influence on the dark lyrical content. He says this about this experiences: "I was 19, living in Las Vegas and driving an ambulance. I became a full blown paramedic by the time I was 23. I eventually moved to Reno and worked for a few more years. The job started to wear on me. I saw the worst things you can imagine. People in their worst, most vulnerable states. There was definitely no sign of a god anywhere. I can't un-see a lot of what I saw. These images might be in my head forever. So the feelings from it kind of sneak their way into the lyrics”.

You can check out the track-list for Uncomfortable Skin below!

Track List:
1.  Nothing Is Sacred
2.  Open Wide
3.  Black God
4.  Heater
5.  Loss
6.  Remains
7.  Filled With Waste
8.  Shame
9.  No Hope
10.  Reconcile

Keep an eye out on the band's website for more updates!

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