Secret Arcade Releases New Album

Portland's Secret Arcade has released a new album entitled Quarter Century. Indie-pop artist, Secret Arcade is a mix of light and dark synth, inspired by Depeche Mode, Morrisey, and The Cure.

Secret Arcade consist of Babak Govan, and Quarter Century is about the experience of a lifetime of love and loss, in just about a third of a lifetime. The album was meant to cover the topic of Govan's first 25 years of life, but releasing it took quite a bit longer than he expected. He's been working on this album for nineteen years and is just now finally able to release it.

"I’m fortunate in many ways, and have had lots of “I’m that guy” moments, but much loss has come my way," Govan says, "There’s definitely that sense of melancholy and existential crisis over the album. Some say without loss there cannot be love, and so there are some deep love elements there too. Given that I am a clinical psychologist, lyrics reflect psychological struggles and the importance of introspection, vulnerability, and validation."

Secret Arcade has released a single for the album; along with a music video for the song "Fall For Me," which you can check out above!

Quarter Century by Secret Arcade is officially via a self release, so head on over and check it out! You can also keep track of Secret Arcade via social media! Links below!

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