Backwordz Shares Music Video

Burgeoning like wild flowers into the music scene, Huston, Texas bred hardcore metal/hip-hop clan, BackWordz releases their “Statism” music video.

Directed by Albert Gonzalez and features a guest performance from Craig Mabbit of Escape the Fate. You can check it out below: 

Delivering a sound never herd before, the group uses their music, not for the enjoyment of hyper-poetic language or for the sake of sake of congratulating themselves on their ability to deliver chilling verses or puppeteer the limbs of a crowd.  They focus on moving people in other ways, swaying their perceptions instead of their bodies, introducing them anti-state and liberal ideologies. In his verse in “Statism,” lead vocalist and rapper, Eric July stated:

    I’m on a life mission to abolish all the government

    It’s dumb and I’m beyond pissed
    So we’re going to cut to the chase and get rid of metaphorical nonsense
    None of that eloquent bogusness
    I want you to know what it is sucka kid, y’all people keep voting in

    They rob, kill, and steal by the day
    I’d be a buffoon to trust the state
    You’re a tool and fool. Just keep taking the bait
    Making mistake, after mistake, after mistake
    Believe me, this ain’t the typical “Oh the government’s corrupt.”
    Bro, that’s too easy
    You gotta take responsibility because you willingly
    Give power to the state, when it’s the state that is your enemy

These verses epitomizes the groups mission: advocate for the examination of the power dynamics between the government and the people. July stated: 
     "Alex and I are hardcore libertarians and we want to spread the message of liberty within     our music, as well as speak on the dangers of The State. It seems that so many people     our age have been brainwashed into supporting government expansion; today's music     artists in general tend advocate for big government. We are that dissenting voice and     we wanted to make it known with 'Statism.' The music video consists of us wearing the     colors that represent different types of anarchy. The black and yellow being the most     prominent, because we are for the most part anarcho-capitalists.

    We want the state to be abolished, and we want you to know why. I think the coolest thing about us, is that Alex and I actually know what we're are talking when it comes to economics and politics. This makes our lyrics far more in depth and thought provoking. We don't just talk about it during election time, or high-side on the internet to sound as if we are a lot smarter than what we are..We actually live this."

BackWordz released their first track just a year ago in 2015, but they’re more than equipped to excel in the music industry. The group assembled under the conditions of hard work and dedication, composed of experienced musicians who have performed in several tours.  “Statism” is the second song on their album, Veracity, which will debut this summer. 

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