REPS Release Powerful New Music Video

In anticipation for their debut full-length album, Poisoned Youth, which drops soon, the Rochester, NY band, REPS released a new music video for their song “Rust”.

The song rips, and you can see it down below!

The new single is an unrelenting metalcore rampage in the vein of Beartooth or Every Time I Die, bristling with ferocity throughout its two-and-a-half minute run time. Colton Bockes’ vocals deliver pure rage and anguish to the assault, tying it together nicely.

Of the song, the band states: "Rust is a very blatant breakup song of sorts, but not necessarily a sad one. It's written in more of a reflecting manner, thinking back to just how vile and toxic a significant other can be. Sometimes it's our unfortunate human nature to allow another person treat you so poorly it's literally inhuman, yet you can make excuses and hold on, partly because you hold on to this vision of what you think the person can be based on how they acted in the honeymoon phase choosing not to acknowledge their obvious true colors. This song is about coming to terms with that person's colors, and with the fact that they never were, and could never be the person you want them to be."

The band’s album, Poisoned Youth, is set to drop April 29th. You can pre-order it straight from their website below. It’s set to follow similar subject matter as their EP, Own Your Mind, which was released early 2015. They deliver biting social commentary on topics of war, greed, hatred, and rising above all of it in a positive manner, all amidst genre-bending hardcore riffs and urgently powerful melodies. You can check their EP out at their Bandcamp. 

The Hook also recently covered the release of REPS’ single “Dead In The Water”, check it out here. 

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