Dear Tatiana Share New EP

Dear Tatiana brings an interesting (and entertaining) blend of genres
together for their new release, the 5-track 95407 EP. This release is
inspired by artists like Childish Gambino, Chance The Rapper, and
Kanye West.

The EP is Dear Tatiana's follow-up to last April's Most Likely To
 EP, which was self-released.

Dear Tatiana said this about the release: “‘95407’ was created because
of how often people get told they can’t do something; ourselves
included. This EP is all about doing what makes you happy and battling
self-doubts. Whether that’s seeing the world, being with your
significant other, or accomplishing a goal that you thought, or got
told, was impossible. Just make a plan and do it. Let them worry about
how you pulled it off later. Nothing is “impossible”; that’s usually
just your own fears holding you back from being great! Be great! Stop
being afraid to win!”

Do yourself a favor and make sure you give this EP a listen! You can purchase it on iTunes, too!

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