Summer Scouts Share New Music Video

PA-Based power-pop group Summer Scouts have released a music video for their new singl, "Vessels." 

This video is in the build-up to the release of their next album, Furthest Reach, due out May 20th. This debut album follows the releases of 2014's The Distance and 2015's Deep Breath, which have both received critical acclaim. 

Summer Scouts describe "Vessels" as a song about dealing with the loss of a parent:
"Family life and norms change dramatically after the death of a parent. The home itself takes a drastic shift in its overall aura, a shift that slowly continues for years after the death, forever losing its original feeling. While the family’s personalities experience alterations as well, the house itself holds the significant, glaring symbolism of this dark familial change. “Vessel” visits this feeling that no one in the family wants to face and confronts it in an emotional conversation between the singer (an affected family member) and the house."

Summer Scouts will hit the road for a tour to promote and to preview the songs from Furthest Reach, starting on April 23rd in Woodbridge, CT at the Amity Teen Center. The tour heads around the Northeast, so check their website for details and updates - or you can check out our previous article with all of their tour dates here!

You can follow Summer Scouts on social media and you can check out the video for "Vessels" above!

Summer Scouts: Website // Youtube