Roanoke Release Single To Support The Flint Water Crisis

With the help of Cadence & Cause, Roanoke - the emerging Folk/Americana band from Nashville, Tennessee, prove to be activists by releasing their new single, “The Light” in order to raise money and awareness for the Flint, Michigan water crisis. Compelled by her own empathy, lead vocalist and Michigan native, Taylor Dupis teams with other artists to donate to the Flint Child Health & Development Fund. All donations made will be used to aid, develop, and help provide crisis response, childhood education and student support services, pediatric medical home access, adolescent behavioral health services, access to and education about nutritious foods, safe and healthy home environments, and research for the children who live in Flint.

Dupis states, "Water is something that many people take for granted. It is an essential part of every living beings life, and for most people in America, healthy drinking water has always been extremely accessible. What if one day you woke up and you did not have healthy drinking water to keep you going? What if, as a mother you did not have earth's most essential mineral to give to your children? Most people do not have these fears, but for the people of Flint, these fears are all too real. Growing up just an hour from Flint, this tragedy holds a special place in my heart. Something so preventable has caused so much pain to the Flint Community, and we are happy to do anything to help the cause. We hope that our donation will bring "The Light" to the people of Flint and anyone effected by this tragedy."

The group began as a duo, consisting of a lead singer and guitarist, Joey Beesly and Taylor Dupist , and then grew to a five man band with the joining of drums, banjo, and harmonica player Kyle Breese, mandolinist and vocalist, Zach Nowak, and violinist, Jo Cleary, coming together to create a signature, enchanting sound. The narrative-drive, culturally influenced, non-fictitious nature of their tunes is most evident in their song, “Heavy Goodbyes,” a song about heartbreak, in “Jordan” which discusses the complications of having faith, or in their debut album, Roanoke which is expected to be released by May 5, 2015.

Be a part of the Flint Water Crisis solution by downloading “The Light” on

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