As Days Fade Announce EP

Queens, NY metalcore quintet As Days Fade has come back from a year and a half long hiatus in prime form, officially announcing the arrival of their new EP, Ressurection. This comes on the heels of a preview clip the band released on March 21, featuring a hashtag with title of the release, amongst other hints. The EP, due out on June 3, will mark the band’s first release since their 2013 Carpe Noctem EP, which garnered them a considerable buzz in the metal community for incorporating infectious melodies and rock-esque power chords into the mosh-worthy mix without sacrificing any of its incredibly beefy bite.

This time around, As Days Fade have a vision they are hoping to convey. The band views this as a fresh start, elaborating on the subject: "This release is titled 'Resurrection' because it's the band's awakening after a year or so hiatus from losing our old drummer. Him quitting the band was a shock to us. Some of these songs on this release were either in the process of being written when he was around or after he left, and the 3 of us worked on new and old riffs, not really knowing if these songs were to see the light of day. We became more passionate and interested as the songs started to come together more and more. As they did, Chris and Rush joined the band to complete these 4 songs to what they are today. So henceforth, 'Resurrection' represents a new day, a new chapter, a new era to the band As Days Fade."

Resurrection track list:

  1. I Don’t Want You
  2. Resurrection
  3. Taking Over Me
  4. Requiem

With this kind of game plan for the future, it’s hard to think that anything will stop the reinvigorated metalcore band, which consists of vocalist/guitarist Blake Thomas, guitarists Tony Brienza and Brendon Rush, bassist Anthony Augusta, and drummer Chris Barenz. Having formed in 2008, it was clear that As Days Fade made a wise choice in letting their sound progress along with them. Not that their brand of melodic metalcore wasn’t cutting it; the band has only put out solid music since its conception. As if their tunes didn’t reflect just how driven and passionate they are, listeners will soon be able to witness their notoriously crowd-pleasing, theatrics-heavy live sets which got them on stages with the likes of Eyes Set To Kill, The Ghost Inside, and Texas In July, amongst others. Based on these results, you can tell they’re doing something right! 

To keep up with this band’s progress, one can follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and be sure to pick up their prior releases on their Bandcamp if you dig what these Big Apple boys have got to offer!