Whosah Premier Music Video

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Indiana grown indie-pop group, Whosah just recently dropped their sophomore EP, Work, last month! The EP was met with rave reviews, and in support of Work, Whosah release a brand new music video last week for their leading track, "Ghost Towns."

The video contrasts between frontman Spencer Grimes vocals on the track's upbeat, danceable tune compared to a picture of a desolate, isolated world amidst familiar settings. Whosah had this to say about the concept behind the video: "We wanted to capture the live, high energy feel of our performance but in a introspective, contained way. We really wanted the video to feel like a journey, an adventure in another world in which we're traveling --longing to find life but only finding empty spaces. For this video we wanted to contrast the literal nature of our moving picture for the rest of the record. The imagery in this song plays between an office space and an old ghost town, so we wanted the video to leave a little more space for the viewers to have their own creativity and connect with their own reality."

Check out the video below!

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