REPS Unleash New Single

It has only been a month since Rochester, New York’s very own REPS announced their debut studio album, Poisoned Youth, set to release on April 29. To give fans a taste of just what they’re in for in a few weeks, the band has made their newest single, “Dead In The Water”, available for streaming on bandcamp via the music blog Heavy Blog Is Heavy today. 

The track is a wonderful example of just what REPS has to offer, displaying their insanely experimental hardcore which effortlessly integrates heavy metal riffs and a potently steady hardcore assault. It opens up with a shot of adrenaline-pumping rock, dives into a steady assault of hardcore, and culminates in an urgently melodic cry to “believe that [they] can be more than this” - all within the first minute of the song! It only continues to dance effortlessly between genres, maintaining an unstoppable pace that just begs to hurtle headfirst into its cement-block heavy conclusion. 

Says the band, which consists of Colton Bockes on vocals, Jordan Foehner on guitar, Mike Till on bass, and Steve Koch on drums, of “Dead In The Water”: "This song is where the record's title comes from. It seems like every generation in some way repeats all of the previous generation's mistakes, and inherits most of, if not all of their vices. War, Racism, Sexism, Homophobia the list could go on. It seems crazy that after all mankind has gone through and learned, that these all exist. In many ways, the world we live in now is far more terrifying than it ever was for our parents when they were our age. All of us are close to the age where we could be starting families of our own, but the thought of doing that in these times often induces immediate fear and anxiety. No matter how much we learn from the mistakes of our elders, and how many opportunities we have to be better; we still fall prey to the same vices. We are the product of our ancestors and failed ambitions to be better. We are the poisoned youth."

The single continues to build on a unique sound that was first heard on their January 2015 EP, Own Your Mind, which can be streamed and downloaded from their Bandcamp. 

For more info on REPS, check out their social media plugs below!

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