Billy Moon Streams New Music Video

Hamilton, ON, Canada's Billy Moon, recently released the lyric video for his single "Different Song (Same Girl)". It features a nice, wide-angle shot of a gorgeous (and presumably Canadian) woman gazing into the camera while drawing from her cigarette in slow motion. As the Canadian sun sets in the background, this mystery smoker woman occasionally casts longing looks in the distance; perhaps deep in thought as to what decisions in her life led to this moment. You can peep the video below:

"Different Song (Same Girl)" is a track off Moon's recent EP release That Which You Can't Throw AwayThe single itself, with its chorus-riddled guitar work, brings me back to the 80's and provides for easy listening. It's a nice, light and mellow track to zone out to on a rainy day car ride or at 11:36 PM while you struggle to finish your last research paper of the semester due at midnight. You can stream/download the rest of the EP here.

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