Through Lucid Eyes Stream Full EP "Transient"

Perhaps a symbol of ancient alien.... metalheads?

Metalcore: not for everyone's ears. It really seems to only fit a furious mood. One synonomous with sitting in traffic on a 95 degree day with no AC. Perhaps its the lack of instrumental variation in most of those songs, or that fact that the lyrics are just inherently difficult to understand. 

As far as this genre is concerned, Through Lucid Eyes is actually pretty easy listening. The Canadian 5 piece has just streamed their new album Transient with a healthy dose of guest musicians and falsettos to add some ear piercing clarity to their slew of angry guitars. 

Despite the EP's powerful presence, it's still difficult at times to cypher the screams and pick out some familiar vernacular. However, the vocals still prove themselves to be a near perfect layer, With one of the songs featuring guest singer Jesse Cash, the lyrics end up sounding like an urgent message on top of the heavy duty breakdowns and the anxious guitar riffs. When the guest vocals come in, imagine a sound as clear as Haley Williams, but a great deal more powerful.

They say they're going for the theme of dream like alternate demension, although im not sure how dreamlike music like this can be... or what kind of dreams this music would inspire.

They've upped their game having the mastering done by Jilian Rodriguez (Parallel Focus Studios), so stream the full album below and make sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter