New Katy Perry Cover From Ray Hodge

Coming off the steam of his debut EP release earlier this year, Ray Hodge is ending 2016 with a bang with his cover video for Katy Perry's "Rise". The Queens soul singer gives the epic pop track his own flavor, most prominently found in his vocal delivery. Hodge adds the perfect amount of grit to keep the true feeling of the tune intact without over-singing it - a mistake many artists make when covering someone else's song.

You can watch the emotive performance below!

Having recently checked out Braveheart (Ray's debut EP), this cover and its heavy performance seems to be a continuation of the themes he explores throughout that work. Confirming this thought is the artist himself during an interview with Cliché magazine:

"I chose to cover  'Rise'  by Katy Perry because it resonates with my EP 'Braveheart'.  The song is like a new chapter to me, when you're rising from the feeling of loneliness and hurt, and down for the fight for oneself and rising from the ground after pushing and falling for so long. I chose it because it's about not giving up."

So what can listeners expect from Ray Hodge in 2017? A full length album? More covers? Perhaps a collaboration? The future is uncertain. However, you can check out Braveheart here and keep up with Ray for any updates on:

Ray Hodge: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // YouTube

Dylan Young

Singer-songwriter from NJ.