Music Video Release From Joe Marson

It doesn't get any more art school than in Joe Marson's *censored* music video for "No Retreat". Packed with gritty, black and white visuals featuring a nude group of individuals engaging in satanic, cult-like behavior, it was nearly impossible for Marson to get any edgier. But somehow the Californian "alternative soul rocker" did just that with his channeling of Southern blues elements and his parched, soul-laden vocal that harks back to your first hangover.

The nostalgic and visually compelling "No Retreat" can be streamed below!

One interesting lil tidbit about Joe Marson is that you may have heard his music without even knowing it. His blend of alternative rock and soul has had seen placement in "Deadpool" and a few series on FX and Netflix. But aside from you readers out there excited about performance royalties, for those who wish to see the NSFW version of "No Retreat", you can find it on Marson's Youtube here

Otherwise, keep up with the gritty songwriter on:

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Dylan Young

Singer-songwriter from NJ.