George Morris Releases New Single

Former frontman of The Satin Peaches, George Morris, recently put out "100 Years". The indie rock-y single explores the theme of all your friends dying. However, what's compelling about the track is its expression of such a heavy topic - listeners would expect a slow, droning ballad, yet Morris offers an upbeat, almost happy-go-lucky lens through which the expected feeling of great loss turns to one of hope and genial acceptance.

You can stream "100 Years" below!

Another intriguing element about "100 Years" is the feeling it creates. You've lost all those close to you, yet the emotions Morris exude throughout the track make this all okay. It is reminiscent of that meme wherein a dog sits at a table in a burning room with a smile on its face reassuring the viewer "This is fine." Perhaps the meme inspired the song. Which leads me to this question: 

Does culture influence memes or do memes influence culture?

However, despite the sociological line of questioning introduced by "100 Years", the single's practical purpose was to be just that, a single. George Morris put it out to promote his new self-titled album due out Friday, February 10th. This gives you plenty of time to critically reflect on meme culture and its effect on society and social interaction.

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Dylan Young

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