Traveling Songstress Jetty Rae Releases New Single

If you haven't yet heard of singer-songwriter Jetty Rae, its likely because she is always on the move, and difficult to pin down. For existing fans and new fans alike, we have some good news –the traveling songstress just released her new single "Queen of the Universe." Check it out below.

The traveling songstress is known as much for her catchy rhythms and sweet melodies as she is for her unconventional living situation.

Years ago, Jetty decided it was time to make a change and took a big leap of faith. She got rid of all of her superfluous belongings, and took off for the open road with her family (husband, two children, and pug), on a permanent tour around the U.S.

Years later, Jetty remains true to her decision, and states proudly, "I love the idea of being rich in adventure vs. being rich in stuff and things"