Psychocide Drop New Music Video

Psychocide, the rock band with a bit of a punk twist (don’t get them confused with punk-rock or pop-punk), have dropped their latest music video for the song “Paranoia” in anticipation of their upcoming album Alcohol & Bad Decisions, which is due out March 3, 2017. The Canadian rockers have been hard at work recording with master engineer Christian Cummings (U2, Blink 182, The Used), and “Paranoia”  represents a significant shift forward for the band. 

The song itself strikes a perfect balance of hard rock and punk influences and puts on full display the outfit’s angsty ferocity. The video, while it represents an interesting concept, feels a bit disjointed from the track. That’s not to say that the video is bad, in fact, the cinematography and actual video quality are quite refreshing, but it just feels like there is a video that has this song playing in the background; neither one holds significant meaning for the other….yet.

Alcohol & Bad Decisions can be thought of as somewhat of a concept album. The record is going to tell the stories of a variety of different characters that will all eventually come together and star in a future comic book. Knowing this makes the somewhat ambiguous nature of the music video for “Paranoia” interesting and exciting.

With their new album dropping in a couple of months be sure to keep an eye out for all things Psychocide via their social media, and of course here at The Hook!

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