JW Sargent Releases New Music Video

Having released "Run" as a single to promote his debut EP, In RetrogradeJW Sargent, has now put out a music video for that very track. It features the David Beckham look-a-like wandering through the woods cut with shots of him singing in a dimly lit room, illuminated only by a retro lightbulb.

The music video teeming with edge can be viewed below!

"Run" is indicative of the solid effort put forth by JW Sargent with In Retrograde - just with this track alone, his songwriting skills and attention to detail are evident not only throughout the song, but also within the visuals established. In his interview with Artist Direct, JW reflected on "Run":

"I wrote 'Run' during a particularly crazy period in my life. There was so much going on and I felt like I was working so hard but not seeing any tangible progress. This made me think back to when times felt more simple and life wasn't as complicated and chaotic. We tried to represent this idea in the video, directed by Taylor DeYoung, with the juxtaposition of dark confinement and bright, open nature.

The video tries to showcase the journey out of this symbolic prison of sorts to a place of freedom and simplicity in which the pulsing light is a representation of the force or motivation to chase this desire. We came up with the concept for the video and shot around the time Stranger Things was released and wanted to incorporate an element from the show. We thought that their use of lights as a medium between two worlds would be really cool since we were trying to make a similar comparison."

Now as you sit there with a deeper understanding of the inspiration behind "Run" and a newfound love for JW, you can find the rest of the EP here.

Otherwise, keep up with him on his social media!

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