Equipment Premieres Video For "One Or Both," Releases New EP

Toledo, Ohio based Pop Rock project Equipment has just released a brand new music video!

Equipment's debut EP Chump was released on November 25. The first single "Commuter" is available for free download directly from Bandcamp. The video for "One or Both" is simple, just Nick Stoup (The driving force of Equipment) in front of a camera, having all sorts of liquid (and even a pie or two) dumped on him while he sings the tune. Check it out right here.


"The video was really fun to shoot." said Stoup, "For some reason I really like seeing how uncomfortable I can make myself without finally calling it quits. "I break a guitar for the first time in the video, which probably symbolizes something. Shooting didn't take very long, yet paint was still coming out of my ear the next day."

Chump is a short listen, 5 songs, only 12 minutes. So basically you have zero excuse not to put it on during your next drive, or walk, or whenever you listen to music. Hell, do it right now.

Chump Tracklist:

1. One or Both
2. Commuter
3. You Did It
4. Phone Calls at 3 AM
5. Boring

“On this EP, I really tried to capture and articulate the situations I was living in at the time of writing: getting stuck in relationships I shouldn’t have been in, losing friends to college, and making rash choices after drinking alone. But don’t worry I made it sound really fun!” 

If you live anywhere near Toledo you can check Equipment out on December 23 @ The Ottawa Tavern.

Equipment: Facebook // Twitter // Bandcamp