Ilana Armida Releases New Music Video & EP Details

Florida-based Pop/R&B singer Ilana Armida recently dropped a music video for "Pretend" - a single off her upcoming debut EP, Iridescent Flower Child, due out Friday, January 13th. The video features the diva hanging out with a man-sized teddy bear love interest(?). The unlikely couple lounge by the pool, enjoy tea together and even dance at a party! All things one usually does with their stuffed animal companion.

You can check out the imaginative pop video below!

In addition to taking a transformative approach in her visual content, Ilana focuses heavily on delivering soft, air-y vocals that envelope you like a warm blanket fresh out of the dryer that somehow also provides you with soul/r&b melodies.

More evidence of this can be found in her lyric video for "Still Down For You", which displays more of these elements. Both these tracks together give a good indication of what to expect off the 7-track EP - a light, easy listening pop experience with some hints of soul, r&b and fun rhythms to make you dance a little.

Those interested can pre-order the EP here. Otherwise, keep up with Ilana Armida on:

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Dylan Young

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