Four Star Riot Drop Dual Music Vids

Finally a band that makes you give a thumbs up to your screen. It sounds like the Tampa Florida indie group is still high off their single being featured in the new Deadpool movie, and are riding that energy on their newly released album Waves (Sept 2nd). Of the two songs, the one destined to stick in your head is Empty Space. The bass riff sounds like something that Flea from RHCP would come up with on an off day. You can most certainly hear David Bowie’s Fame as the primary influence in the song, so they lose points on originality. However, the music video looks like a schoolhouse rock cartoon on acid so I guess they make up for it there. It’s good to hear a band that doesn’t need to fill each empty space in a song with a noisy cymbal crash or distorted guitar dross. They pull off a clean, funky sound in this track and it’s a refreshing return back to some basic groove lines that seem match perfectly to the pace of your morning walk to work.

The next song, So far, is really just a 90’s ballad, but because it was released this year and not 1994, I guess it’s acceptable for some. They could’ve put this track on the NOW  5 CD and no  one would know the difference.  This one has a seemingly poignant message,  talking about feeling distant from someone and not knowing why you can’t ever get closer. But it just doesn’t sound as deep as it should.

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Both of these tracks deserve a listen and we're eager to see some new videos!