Enjoy Heart Avail's "Pink Lace"


Heart Avail recently released their new track "Pink Lace," as well as a lyric video to support it in preparation for their upcoming EP release!

Like most bands of this genre, there is an overwhelming need to sound like Motorhead or Black Sabbath. This sounds like an intro to a chaotic zombie movie. The singer Aleisha Simpson has a clear voice that fits the distortion of the song very well, but seems to lack lyrical talent and depth. The words feel a little too obvious and the verse structure is just downright boring. It’s as if they’ve gotten too comfortable in their basement jam sessions and are satisfied with that droning sound (although it does have a cool intro).

Check out the lyric video below!

You probably won’t ever hear this song on the radio, but you may hear something similar if you listen to the heavy metal radio station in Grand Theft Auto.

Their EP drops December 9th so heres there website and Facebook if you want some more.