The Creptter Children Make Announcements

Gothic/Industrial rockers, The Creptter Children, have made some really cool announcements recently - especially since they haven't put out any new music since 2010 (that's six years!).

After recently signing with our pals over at Imminence Records, The Creptter Children also shared a music video for their brand new single, "Watching You." The music video follows protagonist Iballa Chantelle on a stimulating fantasy adventure back to a time of ancient Egypt where gods, demons and sexual goddesses once ruled our world.

Check out the music video below!

“We're so excited to bring to our Freaks some new music after such a long hiatus. "Watching You" shows our new found musical strengths and can't wait to hit you live onstage with it. We had so much fun working on the song and doing the music video which will surely please the old fans and the new," says vocalist Iballa Chantelle.

For more on The Creptter Children, check out their social media below!

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