Grey Goes Black Shares New Track

NJ locals, Grey Goes Black, have recently premiered their latest track "Enough to Waste The Day" with Speak Into My Good Eye's 24 Hour Song Challenge!

The ambient song highlights a brash rhythmic beat, thanks to James Malizia jr. (bass, keyboards) and Steven Moraghan (drums, electronics) against the haunted voice of vocalist and guitarist Matt Casoni. "Enough to Waste The Day" is a really cool addition to Grey Goes Black's work, something I've been keen on seeing more of!

Check out the stream of "Enough to Waste The Day" below!

We're hoping that there is more where that came from with Grey Goes Black, but until we hear more news, check out their social media links or the other contenders from SIMGE's Songwriting Challenge for more good vibes!

Grey Goes Black: Website // Facebook