Devilskin Share Official Music Video

Devilskin is the new hard rock powerhouse of New Zealand, and they have gained a huge following in their homeland and have shared the stage with acts like Alice Cooper, Megadeth,and Rob Zombie - and they also just recently shared a brand new music video!

Check it out below!

Devilskin's second album was just released on November 11th and it should have no problems selling well in New Zealand! Their first album, “Rise” received gold after just two weeks. They also immediately rose to the top of New Zealand’s charts, and stayed for 3 weeks!

Now onto the video/song. The video does not get in the way of displaying the raw force that is behind Devilskin. The raw vocals of Jennie are a unique touch to the hard and gritty instrumentals. I hate to degrade Jennie in any way, but she sounds like Celine Dion. But I definitely like it! I hope that they gain a huge following in the states. 

The band keeps it all the family. Paul (bass) and Nail (guitar) are twin brothers. Nic (drums) is Paul’s son and Jennie is Nail’s wife. As a family they tour rabidly around their homeland of New Zealand and Australia. With the constant touring, they keep a theatrical stage presence, something a lot of hard rock groups have throw away all together. With this new record they worked once again with Clint Murphy to mix and produce the album at Modern World Recording in the U.K.

I am very happy to introduce you guys to this song and this group. They have given me a refreshing look back at hard rock, especially coming from somewhere so foreign to me like New Zealand. You can get the new album on Spotify, Google Play, and iTunes. I hope you guys enjoy it! I know I did! As always, the links are below to the video and the band’s social media. 

Devilskin: Facebook