Remember Your Cool Ex-gf with "Ashtray Kisses"


"Ashtray Kisses" sounds like a song from a middle school band that tells everyone they’re getting serious. The obvious motif of missing the smokers breath of an ex-boyfriend/girlfriend is something that a number of us can relate with, but making a song out of a phrase you probably only see on tumblr doesn’t mean you’re destined for greatness.

The artist, Ryan Chernin, is brand new to the New York indie scene and we feel like he'll fit right in. The lyrics flow well and are void of cheesy metaphors and similes you find in most tracks like these. 

This song will appeal to the masses who want an easy to remember acoustic ballad. It'll help remind them of their edgy and mysterious girlfriend they never had. On a positive note however, the song has some elements of originality and manages to keep away from any power chord lameness in the chorus. He really seems to have stuck with an indie-film-trailer-soundtrack vibe.

So go ahead and sit back, miss that “alt girl” you had a fling with, and like the lyrics say, realize there's not a patch for her love.

His EP drops January 13th, so if you enjoy him, keep up below. 

Ryan Chernin: Soundcloud // Twitter // YouTube