Matt Blais Conquers the Desert in New Music Video for “Set me Free”

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Matt Blais, the southern rocker from the great white north, has released a new music video for his hit song “Set me Free” and it is ripe with slide guitars, raspy, bluesy vocals, mandolins and of course his signature harmonica.

Despite the fact that nearly every aspect about Blais’s artistry is inspired by southern-folk rock, he is in fact originally from Canada; a fact that speaks volumes about who he is as a person and artist to me. Sounding like Ryan Adams, The Arkells, and even a little Tragically Hip, “Set me Free” is an excellent song and an even better produced music video.

To further cement his blues sound and image, the “Set me Free” music video finds Blais alone in the desert with nothing but his guitar, his harmonica, and of course a beat up classic car. The simple-hearted nature of the video coupled with some excellent videography works extremely well in tandem with the song and makes it a joy to watch. The grainy filter placed over top feels natural in most places, however the more you notice it, the more it overstays its welcome which is easily the biggest drawback about the video.

Check it out for yourself below!

While a relatively tamer song than what his fans may be used to, “Set me Free” finds Blais at the top of his game. A song that does not try to do more than what it should and a video that embodies everything about the music make “Set me Free” from Matt Blais a true delight, and us here at The Hook are extremely excited for more things to come.

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