Stream Joe Marson's Latest Single

Recently partnering with Paste Magazine, Joe Marson released his latest track, "No Retreat."

"No Retreat" is a bluesy, soulful track with cinematic quality reminiscent of the Deep South. The song features Matt Johnson (Jeff Buckley, St. Vincent) on drums and Rob Calder (Passenger) on bass. Marson learned how to play slide guitar specifically for this song, which was originally written for a movie that never got made.

Check out the stream below!

Marson explains, "The song is about going all in, head first, fear first. into the unknown and into the dark. sometimes there's no way back and sometimes you have the chance to start over. I have been to the darkness and I found my way back. This was the first song of a bunch on the current record that I tracked with Matt Johnson on drums. Matt was someone I had watched play since I discovered Jeff Buckley at the age of 16. I idolized Jeff and his whole band including Matt who played on Grace as well as in his live group. He has gone on to become a legend in the drum world and plays with St. Vincent currently. Playing with him was amazing and we have since become friends. He's one of the smartest and goofiest dudes I know. 'No Retreat' holds a special place in my heart for that reason."

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