Dry Jacket Drops Brand New Single


You cant help but feel like you’re waking up in your contemporary Brooklyn apartment just before you have to work a 16 hour shift to make rent. They’ve incorporated horns that replace a rhythm guitar part nice and snug. 

Dry Jacket recently shared their newest track off of their upcoming EP! "Two Toasters" comes off of the highly anticipated full-length, For Posterity. It’s a fun song on the better end of the usual hipster hard-indie spectrum. The track sounds very well mastered for a local NJ band, and has a bridge that makes you contemplate that one errand you've been putting off.

Check out the video below to see if it works for you!

This is only a lyric video but perhaps the future video will begin with someone stepping off a porch onto a busy sidewalk before they get themselves into a bunch of yuppie shenanigans. Unfortunately, this isn’t as good as it should be.

The reason being that the vocals stay in an underwhelming middle range and sound like their too heavily supported by the wet guitar fills. They’re dancing on the line of being just another forgettable indie band, so a change of vocals/singers might do them good.

Still, be sure to check them out, their EP drops on Jan 13th and hopefully we’ll see them take advantage of that promising sound.  

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